The Picardy Group (\pi-kär-dē\) aims to aid the nation's top independent schools in promoting diversity and inclusion through interactive workshops and presentations. Our staff is comprised of accomplished graduates from some of the most prestigious independent boarding schools in the nation.  As such, we understand the academic excellence and enriching environment of these institutions.  This kind of first-hand experience makes us uniquely qualified to identify first-hand with independent schools' stated goals for diversity.

We are committed to improving the campus life, social climate, and culture at independent schools as it relates to diversity, inclusion, community, and equity. We provide facilitation and training services/workshops designed to encourage understanding and multiculturalism. Additionally, we aim to motivate and inform audiences on a wide variety of related topics by offering rich, substantive, and thought-provoking presentations and seminars. Please visit our Workshops and Presentations pages for the full complement of our services.

The Picardy Group welcomes you.